'New-age' weather

It’s a Sunday evening in mid-August.  The eternal question pops into my subconscious. “What am I going to wear tomorrow?” a question so loaded in this ‘new-age’ of weather. My days of listening to the forecasts are over!  Its 6.30am and a grey Monday, am now consciously thinking about what to wear to work, along with other real-life thoughts.  Be positive; I’ll wear my cobalt blue silk dress, silver pumps…No! I’ll wear my lime green kaftan, grey capris..No! I’ll wear…..Aargghh!                                                                                     

This dilemma hasn’t just arisen out of having too much choice in my instance; it’s compounded with multiple weather conditions in one day! I shout to myself “Make a DECISION! – You do this for a living WOMAN! I make my decision and leave home, as I walk, the clouds turn dark and the air misty – Oh Lord! Just as I enter Lynton Road – A flash downpour attacks with vengeance!

At Queens Park I struggle onto the Bakerloo line - it’s 30º!  As I settle, it suddenly dawns on me that joe public is just as bewildered. The man to my left has on; cream linen suit with beige suede brogues (living dangerously). The woman opposite has on; black mini-dress, tights and knee-high boots (feeling hot hot hot); another lady has on white havaianas and yellow sun-dress (very optimistic). As for moi, I have on; Foxglove pink top, black pencil skirt and blazer. Yes I know I’m nigh on head-to-toe in black…I sweat through the Central line, exit Liverpool St – and low and behold, the sun is blazing! At lunchtime the weather will be…?!

My advice: think of yourself as a ‘style-onion’ – layering is obvious yet we often forget to. Invest in a cagoule – please don’t buy the action hero cape kind, buy the zip-up, elasticised hood kind, that folds up easily!

‘Merged’ seasons have brought about a new creativity – it forces us to think, whether we’re into fashion or not.  From a Karma-Style point of view – It’s woken us up.

Tomorrow; have two client meetings, Pilates in the evening followed by dinner with friends – that’s a given.  As for the weather and what to wear – who knows?! I’ll just be creative and play it by ear…..