Designer Bag God Complex

The numerous conversations I’ve had and overheard about designer bags (DBs) have inspired this post.  A lot of wo/men out there have a bad case of what Karma-Style (K-S) has diagnosed as DBGC.

The Definition:

Designer Bag God Complex (DBGC) is a psychological state of mind in which the individual believes he/she is, or is destined to become god-like in the fashion world.  The person generally believes they are better than everyone else.

Overview & Facts:

A  lot of women out there have a bad case of DBGC.  This is an epidemic disease of the mind and body.  It’s all good to buy this season’s Fendi or Balenciaga, but unfortunately there are women (and a few men) who think that by buying DBs they will be worshipped by us all – and thus exalting them to a god-like status.  The media plays a major part in this big con.  Celebrities are walking advertisements as soon as they are seen with the ‘latest’ bag; it becomes a surefire sell-out in stores. 

Buy a bag YOU LIKE and that LOOKS GOOD on you for you.  It can be an unnamed designer; it can cost 30 or 3,000 quid as long as it works for you as an individual who cares!

The Disease:

Very recently I had a conversation, well, it wasn’t really a conversation as this particular woman spoke at me for twenty minutes about her …guess what…Louis Vuitton (LV) bag. I wouldn’t mind if she was just as enthusiastic about ‘a gorgeous bag’ she had bought I would have listened with respect.  She went on to say “You know, you know, people really treat me differently when I’m wearing LV you know, they just do” blah LV blah blah LV blah LV this LV that - in this elevated tone of delusional grandeur. I tell you between the ummms and uh-huhs of my responses. I had to stop myself from cracking up laughing in her face when I realised she was deadly serious about a bag?!? This is what she truly believed.  Diagnosis: a classic, critical case of DBGC.


If you have any of the symptoms such as; continuous DB name-dropping, delusions of grandeur etc. or notice them in any of your friends; you/they may well be afflicted with DBGC – DO NOT WORRY. There is a cure.  K-S has the remedy.

The Cure/Remedy:

Firstly: take a BIG dose of humble pie, this will help you come back down to earth, then an EQUAL amount of sorting out your head to acknowledge that “the bag doth not maketh the wo/man”.  Finally when you’re next out shopping for a new bag purchase, take a HUGE thought process of quality, style and cost with wearability and add a little longevity before you buy.  Don’t be blind-slighted by the brand name.

Remember to take all of the above remedy every time, in order to make a non-DBGC purchase.  Feel free to email me whenever you feel a slight or major DBGC fever coming on.

 One of my missions is to free all wo/men from this awful disease.  Join us now.

One more thing, there is no excuse on this planet to use a DB for a lack of style.  I don’t care how rich or poor you are.  Make an effort for ‘God’s sake’.

And finally, please don’t buy anything ever because you think it makes you more superior to others - that’s just not cool.